Are you ready to say yes to changing the world?

It's time for you to share your gifts with the world. There is someone out there, right now, who needs to hear what you have to say, who needs to learn what you have to teach, who needs to experience what you have to share. What's holding you back?

The White Pelican Group is here to take away any and all excuses that you've been holding onto. Don't have an online learning platform? We do. Don't have time to research video options? We've already done that for you. Wondering how to organize your wealth of content into impactful programs? That's our specialty.

We organize your content, write your program, help you shoot videos, and handle all the back-end technical parts you need to get your message to the world. You do what you do best and let us take care of the rest!

Corporate enterprise, small business, entrepreneur, individual creator, yoga teacher, life coach, artist, animal trainer, tech specialist, business master, author, financial guru, realty specialist, motivational speaker, baker.
Your message, your brand, your way!

The Features to Bring Your Message to Life

We will take your expertise and convert it into a program you can monetize and share with the world. Think of us as your personal team of developers! The message and business are your own. You set the tone, price, style, message, pace, and delivery. We make it happen...and the best part is you get plenty of free time, because we do it for you!

Your Personal Team Includes

  • Content and copy writers
  • Program and ad designers
  • Video production specialists
  • Education and psychology gurus
  • A tech team to get it all done

Your Online Course Includes

  • An intuitive online learning platform
  • Interactive engagement so people don't just do it, they learn it
  • Course display designed to match your brand
  • Content, image, and video hosting
  • Personal development psychology
  • Direct interaction with your audience
  • Gamification for scoring self or groups

You Bring the Message, We'll Get it Organized

Getting Your Message Out There. We understand that being an expert doesn't always make someone skilled at organizing their message. So whether you write a little, a lot, or not at all, we have you covered. Let us know what you want to say, and we structure the message for your audience. Simply tell us in a video, give us your book, write it out in an email, bullet points, or dictation. Once we have your message, we create a digestable curriculum infused with empowering psychology that your audience can absorb and successfully learn to implement in their lives, thereby taking them from readers to participants.
Psychology. By increasing your viewers' engagement with your message and addressing their psychological journey throughout the program, you help ensure their success. That's why we integrate proven teaching methods, human development patterns, as well as mental and emotional support throughout the learning process.
Teach It Your Way. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video can say it all! Whether you are an expert selfie-videographer or prefer a full team of professionals, we have what you need to help you create relevant, engaging videos that get your message out just the way you want. Help your audience connect with who you are and what you have to share through documenting the process, providing personal stories, or going more in depth in the daily content.
Material Presentation
Effective learning comes in many ways. Our platform delivers your message through text, video, quizzes, surveys, interactive question and answers, gamification for scoring and motivation, downloadable content, external links, saved journal entries, a toolbox to house your key points, and many more included features.
Audience Interaction
With numerous built-in communication features, you can choose how much or how little interaction you want with your audience. Keep it clean and simple with internal email conversations, allow for optional shared responses and scores within the program, and connect teams across the platform to build morale and excitement.
Relationships Turn Viewers Into Friends
Show your people how much you care by anticipating their needs and creating a relationship with them. Throughout the program experience, you can reach out to support, offer encouragement and reminders before, during and after your actual course. Our built-in CRM offers powerful features helping you give your audience exactly what they need when they need it.
Digital Privacy
You and all of those who follow you, will have private usernames and passwords, individual dashboards, clear account details, and secured billing information. We'll make sure the trust you build isn't lost due to online security issues.
Your message is best delivered with your own style, in your own way. While we host your content, videos, member log-ins, and gamification, it all appears under your own brand and can connect to your own domain name.
You Do You And Get Paid For It
Set the price for your program and start seeing your income increase. No more worrying about financial integrations or bank regulations. All payments are handled securely and conveniently through our platform while you sit back and relax.

What's Your Message?

Perhaps it's a skill, advice, situational coaching, company onboarding, technical, personal, physical, or artistic. No matter what you want to share, we can help you build your online presence.

Unlike other services, you can be involved as much or as little as you like!

From laying out the program structure and curriculum, to uploading the content, and co-creating videos, we've got you covered. That way you continue doing what you do; we just want to help you do it!

You won't be doing this alone. With White Pelican Group, you'll get a specialized team to help bring your vision to life.

Tanya Thomas
Course : Love Is An Inside Job